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Got Questions? We Have Answers!



Q: Where are you located?
A:  Compassionate Creations is an online wig and hairpiece company based out of Southern California. We hold online consultations with our clients utilizing Skype, Face Time, or Google Hangout. The entire process of ordering a custom wig can be handled over the internet and the phone so there’s no need to visit us in person.

Exception- If you are currently bed ridden or under hospital care and happen to be in the Southern California area, please just let us know and we will arrange a time to visit you in person.

Mailing address: 204 Main St. #914 Newport Beach, CA 92661



Q: How much does it cost to make a wig with my own hair?
A: To make a wig with all of the hair provided, costs $950. If your hair donation doesn’t meet our 8 oz requirement, you will need to find other people to add to your hair donation or purchase supplemental hair from our inventory. Purchasing hair from our inventory may add to the total cost of your custom wig.


Q: What if I can’t afford the cost of a wig? What are my options?
A: We understand that a custom wig can be expensive. That is why we have purposely placed our prices at a competitive rate. We also give our clients the option of making their wigs locally or abroad to help curb some of the expense. A great way our clients have raised the funds in the past for a custom wig is through crowd sourcing. You can start a fundraiser page on Facebook, Youcaring.com, or Gofundme.com.




Q: Is my wig covered by insurance?
A: Depending on your coverage, you may be eligible to have some or all of your wig reimbursed by your insurance provider. A custom wig is considered a cranial prosthesis which would fall under the “durable medical equipment” category. Cranial prostheses (or custom wigs) are different from department store wigs in quality, performance, and service. These prostheses are intended for people with serve hair loss and are comprised of specialized materials.

Contact your provider to find out what your coverage is concerning durable medical equipment and the process you must take to submit a claim for a cranial prosthesis. We recommended you get a prescription from your doctor for a cranial prosthesis and submit that prescription along with your claim. Explain to your doctor that you need the prescription to be written out for a “cranial prosthesis” and not a “wig” for insurance purposes.

The common codes used when a patient requests insurance reimbursement/billing for a cranial prosthesis is:

  • A9282 “Wig, Any Type, each”
  • D5924 “Cranial Prosthesis”‎
  • S8095 “Cranial Prosthesis”

If you are denied coverage, you can always appeal. We suggest you enclose a letter to your insurance company stating the necessity for a cranial prosthesis as well as pictures of yourself without your hair. Write them a note that details the emotional side effects of this condition and how it has impacted your daily life.


Q: Do you submit my claim? Are you a provider?
A: Unfortunately, we are not currently affiliated with any particular insurance company. It is your sole responsibility to file your medical claim for your wig or hairpiece. We will be happy to provide you with any information your insurance company requires in order to successfully file your claim.


Q:Is my wig tax deductible?
A: According to the IRS Publication 502, you may include in your medical ‎expenses the cost of a wig that was purchased upon the advice of a physician.



Hair Donations

Q: Does your company accept hair donations?
A: Yes, Compassionate Creations welcomes hair donations! Giving the gift of hair to someone in need is a beautiful gesture that is greatly appreciated, but we do have a few requirements. All donated hair must be healthy, unprocessed and at least 12 inches in length from root to end. Please refer to our slideshow in our HOW TO  section on the proper way to have your hair cut if you’re interested in donating your hair to our organization. Make sure your pony tails are secured tightly with rubber bands before you mail them. Wrap the pony tails in a large plastic bag and place them in a flat box or envelope and address it to:

Mailing address: 204 Main St. #914 Newport Beach, CA 92661


Please include your name and the best way to contact you so we can personally thank you for your gift and pass your information along to the client who receives your donation. All hair donations will be reserved for clients who experience hair loss.


Q: How should I cut my hair for a donation?


 Q: How should I cut my hair if I want to use all of it to make a wig?


Wig Maintenance

 Q: How long will my wig last?

A: The lifetime of your wig/hair piece depends on how you care for it, the type of hair you purchase, the heating implements you use, and the products you choose to use. The more wear and tear you put on your wig the shorter the lifespan will be. Avoid using excessive heat on your hair. If you choose to use heating implements, we suggest using a low setting so you don’t burn the hair. Always use sulfate free products on your wig. It’s also important to oil the wig after washing to prevent the hair from becoming overly dry.


Q: Will wind or high impact movement cause my wig to fall off?
A: If your wig is custom built to fit your head measurements, it should feel snug enough for you to perform various activities with ease and comfort. If your wig isn’t a snug fit, you can reinforce your wig with double sided tape, glue or clips if you feel you need the added security.


Q: What types of activities can I do in my wig?
A: You can exercise, dance, hike, play sports, run, and even sleep in your wig. Just keep in mind that the more wear and tear you put on your wig the shorter it’s life span will be.


Q: How does my wig stay secure?
A: A custom wig is tailor made to fit your head measurements that way it will feel secure on your head. If your wig feels too lose, try using toupee tape, glue, or clips for added security.


Q: What types of products should I use?
A: Use products that are professional grade or salon quality. Always look for products that are sulfate free. The better quality products you use on your hair the longer your hair will last. We also suggest putting a light weight oil in your wig after washing. This process helps restore moisture back into your hair.


Q: Can I curl, flat iron and blow-dry my wig?
A: Yes, as long as the wig is not made with synthetic hair. Keep in mind that using heating implements over time will damage your hair. We suggest using a low setting on your heat tools to avoid burning the hair.


Q: How do I wash my human hair wig?
A: We suggest washing your wig on an “as needed basis.” When you’re ready to wash your wig, we suggest using a high quality shampoo and conditioner that’s sulfate free. Brush out all knots and tangles while the wig is dry. It’s important to keep the hair elongated throughout the entire washing process. Once the hair is wet, it can easily knot and tangle so please avoid any excessive rubbing or fully submerging your wig in water. Rinse your wig under a faucet with lukewarm water and finger comb shampoo throughout the wig focusing primarily on the ends. Rinse out the shampoo with lukewarm water and repeat the same process with conditioner. Once the conditioner is rinsed out, we suggest running some lightweight oil throughout the hair to help restore moisture. If time permits, let your wig air dry overnight on a head form.


Q: Can I still wear updos or put my wig in a ponytail?
A: Yes, as long as the wig is fully hand tied and the hair is long enough.


Q: How should I store my wig?
A: We suggest that you purchase a canvas  head that matches your head circumference measurement. Let your wig rest on this while you are not wearing it to help preserve it’s shape. If you can not afford one, a Styrofoam head from a local beauty supply store like Sally’s will suffice.