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Compassionate Creations is now closed and is no longer accepting new wig orders. Compassionate Creations closed permanently on June 30, 2024.

Please visit our newly rebranded business at Tress Transformations if you would like to place a new custom wig order.

Make a Wig From Your Own Hair

Learn more making a wig from your own hair or the hair of a loved one. 

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Compassionate Creations was co-founded in 2013 by Gieselle Blair and Veronica Balch.

With seven kids at home full time due to Covid-19, it was a little slice of heaven to go to the salon to get my wig cut and highlighted! It was emotional to pull into the salon, realizing that the last time I was there I had no clue I’d be facing cancer or a pandemic. Thank you for giving me the means to save my hair…and the experience of ‘wearing’ the love of those who donated!

Shannon V. of Boyertown, PA in 2020

A few weeks ago, Cassie was feeling well enough to attend her high school’s homecoming dance. Being able to wear a wig made from her own hair made this night so much more normal for her. We are so grateful. If your child is facing an illness that will ultimately take her hair, I urge you to consider this company. Compassionate Creations has given Cassie a gift – the gift of feeling like herself again.

Jenn W. of New Bethlehem, PA 2018

Thank you for my new wig, I love it!

My little boy saw me when I first put my wig on and when I asked him if it looked like me again he smiled, nodded, and then gave me the biggest hug! I hope that story has brought a warm glow or even a tear in your eye! I know you both care which is why I chose Compassionate Creations to build my custom wig. This wig has helped me cope with life’s biggest challenge to date.

Su B. of Medina, WA 2018

We could not be more pleased with the beautiful work done by Compassionate Creations. We love this wig! It means so much to us to be able to have done this for our Grandmother. I would recommend their services to anyone. The whole process has been wonderful and we appreciate your existence. Thank you a million times over!

Krystle W. of New Port Richey, FL 2019

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