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Wig From Your Own Hair

Custom Wigs Made From Your Own Hair


If you’re interested in learning more about the process of making a wig from your own hair, you have come to the right place. We specialize in making wigs for cancer patients from their own hair or the hair of a loved one. We understand how hard the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment can be on women. That’s why we decided to specialize in making wigs for women out of their own hair. We wanted to help women feel like themselves again and give them back a piece of their identity.


If you would like to make a wig from your own hair or from donation hair, the hair needs to be healthy enough to withstand the hand tying process. Overly processed hair is susceptible to breakage which makes it unusable for a custom wig. It’s okay to use hair that has been color treated or dyed as long as the hair is healthy. Compassionate Creations requires at minimum 8 ounces of hair in order to make a custom wig. We find the typical person has on average 3-4 ounces of hair on their head. If you cut your hair and find you have less than the minimum requirement, there are a few different options available to you.



First, you can find other people like friends or family members to add to your hair donation. Just be sure the hair you collect is similar to your own in length, texture, and color. They don’t have to be an exact match, but relatively close. The other option is to purchase hair from our company’s inventory or from a hair supplier. Use caution when you shop for hair, as there are many different industry terms used to describe the quality. The most important thing is to find hair that is 100% virgin and has not been factory processed. Factory processed hair is chemically altered in order to achieve a desired color and texture. This hair usually lasts 1-2 years compared to virgin hair which can last upwards of 5 years. We do keep a reserve of donation hair on hand that we give away free of charge to any client whose hair is a match. If you decide to purchase supplemental hair from our inventory, this may add to the total cost of your custom wig.


The hair you plan to donate or cut off to use in a custom wig must be at least 10″ in length. When you hand tie hair into a wig, you lose around 3″ of length. A hair donation of 10″ will become 7″ long in a finished wig. Keep that information in mind when you decide the length of hair you’re willing to cut off. We suggest to our clients undergoing treatment to cut their hair all the way to the scalp in order to save as much of the hair and the length as possible. Please watch our How To videos before you or any of your friends cut their hair for the intention of wig making.


The Cost of a Custom Wig 


The cost to make a wig with all of the hair provided is $950 US.


This price includes the following:

  • Free online consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives
  • Styrofoam head for your wig to rest on
  • Deep conditioning treatment using Colorproof’s line of all natural, vegan, salon quality products
  • Light wig trim from our staff cosmetologist
  • Wig maintenance FAQ sheet
  • Access to our representatives via phone and email for any future questions or concerns


We understand that the cost of a custom made wig can be expensive. That is why we have purposely set our prices at a competitive level. If money is a concern, please contact us directly and we will see what special accommodations we can work out for you and your family. We truly want to help as many people as possible.


What Sets Compassionate Creations Apart


Made Just for You: Each wig is designed and hand-crafted to meet your exact measurements and specifications. We assist you throughout the entire process of having a custom wig made. Everything from taking your head measurements to choosing supplemental hair. We ‘re here to make the process of ordering a custom wig as simple and easy as possible.


Made with Love: We understand how valuable your hair or the hair of a loved one’s is to the healing process. Whether your hair loss is genetic or the result of medical treatment, our mission is to help our clients regain their self-confidence while being compassionate to their individual needs.


Made with Pride: We pride ourselves on making the most comfortable, light weight realistic looking wigs in the market. Never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. You can read firsthand accounts from our past clients at our  Testimonial page.


Wigs for Cancer Patients 


On average, it takes upwards of a year for your hair to grow back and it’s common for the hair to return a different color and texture. To learn more about cancer treatment and hair loss click here. That’s why it’s important to find a wig that is both comfortable and durable. Compassionate Creations specializes in making wigs to wear during cancer treatment. We use durable and breathable caps to ensure a comfortable wig wearing experience. We design our wigs with a stretch material to allow room for new hair growth, a monofilament top to resemble to look of a scalp, and a shallow lace front to recreate the look of a hairline. Let us design a custom wig just for you. We can help you no matter what stage of the healing process you’re in.


If you’re about to undergo chemotherapy treatment and would like to make a custom wig using your own hair, we suggest cutting your hair as soon as possible. Hair fall can begin as early as 1-3 weeks after your first round of chemotherapy and significantly worsens after 1-2 months. We have several videos and slide shows on our How To page that show you how to properly cut your hair if you intend to save it for a wig. If you’re interested in viewing more photos of wigs made with donated hair, please visit our Gallery page.


Contact us either by email or by phone at (562) 346-8621 with any questions or concerns you may have about the process of making a wig with your own hair at Compassionate Creations.


Compassionate Creations in the Media 


Tigard woman’s wigs are ‘Compassionate Creations’ for cancer patients


TIGARD, Ore.– A Tigard woman is making wigs for women with cancer, using their own hair. “It helps them retain their identity as they go through their struggle,” Gieselle Blair said. Blair is an Oregon State University theatre graduate who until two years ago created wigs for stage productions in Los Angeles. “I left that and invested everything I had into starting Compassionate Creations,” she said. “When I see photos, and read the thank you cards, I know I made the right choice.” Very few women have enough hair for a full wig, so sometimes friends and family will donate their locks. Each wig is hand tied and can take over 100 hours to pull each strand of hair through a lace cap. “It’s so important to have a secure fit,” Blair explained. “The sign of a good wig is if you can part it anywhere,” she said “and it’s great to see photos of women who are able to do just that.”


Co-Founder of Compassionate Creations Gieselle Blair was featured on KGW News channel 8 on October 27, 2015. Blair was interviewed by KGW reporter Cathy Marshall and the full video is available for viewing here or you can watch below.



Created with Compassion


Alumna Gieselle Blair uses the skills she learned in the Oregon State Theatre to craft wigs for women with cancer.


Co-Founder Gieselle Blair was featured in the Oregon State University Liberal Arts magazine, The Leading Edge. The story was printed in the September 2015 issue and was written by Jessica Kibler. You can read the full magazine article on our Testimonial page or at: http://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/feature-story/created-compassion.


Restoring Hair, Self-Esteem


Owners of a Newport Beach wig company help their clients, who have often endured a trauma, find a sense of normality.


Compassionate Creations  was featured in local Orange County newspaper, The Daily Pilot. Our story was written by Rhea Mahbubani and was printed in the November 29, 2013 edition of the paper. You can read the full newspaper story online at: http://www.latimes.com/tn-dpt-et-1129-compassionate-creations-hair-wigs-20131126-story.html.

Co-founders Veronica Balch, 25, left, and Gieselle Blair, 28, pose for a portrait at Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach on Thursday. Compassionate Creations is a company selling hand-sewn natural human hair wigs. (KEVIN CHANG, Daily Pilot / November 21, 2013)

Co-founders Veronica Balch, 25, left, and Gieselle Blair, 28, pose for a portrait at Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach on Thursday. Compassionate Creations is a company selling hand-sewn natural human hair wigs. (KEVIN CHANG, Daily Pilot / November 21, 2013)


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