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Compassionate Creations in the Media


Tigard woman’s wigs are ‘Compassionate Creations’ for cancer patients

Co-Founder of Compassionate Creations Gieselle Blair was featured on KGW News channel 8 on October 27, 2015. Blair was interviewed by KGW reporter Cathy Marshall and the full video is available for viewing here or you can watch below.

TIGARD, Ore.– A Tigard woman is making wigs for women with cancer, using their own hair. “It helps them retain their identity as they go through their struggle,” Gieselle Blair said. Blair is an Oregon State University theatre graduate who until two years ago created wigs for stage productions in Los Angeles. “I left that and invested everything I had into starting Compassionate Creations,” she said. “When I see photos and read the thank you cards, I know I made the right choice.” Very few women have enough hair for a full wig, so sometimes friends and family will donate their locks. Each wig is hand tied and can take over 100 hours to pull each strand of hair through a lace cap. “It’s so important to have a secure fit,” Blair explained. “The sign of a good wig is if you can part it anywhere,” she said “and it’s great to see photos of women who are able to do just that.”


Restoring Hair, Self-Esteem

Owners of a Newport Beach wig company help their clients, who have often endured a trauma, find a sense of normality.

Compassionate Creations  was featured in local Orange County newspaper, The Daily Pilot. Our story was written by Rhea Mahbubani and was printed in the November 29, 2013 edition of the paper. You can read the full newspaper story online at:http://www.latimes.com/tn-dpt-et-1129-compassionate-creations-hair-wigs-20131126-story.html




Co-founders Veronica Balch, 25, left, and Gieselle Blair, 28, pose for a portrait at Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach on Thursday. Compassionate Creations is a company selling hand-sewn natural human hair wigs. (KEVIN CHANG, Daily Pilot / November 21, 2013)



Created with Compassion

Alumna Gieselle Blair uses the skills she learned in the Oregon State Theatre to craft wigs for women with cancer.

Co-Founder Gieselle Blair was featured in the Oregon State University Liberal Arts magazine, The Leading Edge. The story was printed in the September 2015 issue and was written by Jessica Kibler. You can read the full magazine article online at: http://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/feature-story/created-compassion

OSU article!!!!


Voted Best Wig Shop in Orange County 2014

Compassionate Creations was voted the best wig shop of 2014 by local newspaper The OC Weekly. You can read their full write up below or at the following web address: http://www.ocweekly.com/bestof/2014/award/best-wig-shop-1900135/

Did you know you can get a wig made from your very own hair? Right here in OC? You have to come up with about 8 ounces, but friends or family with similar hair can help make up the difference. Compassionate Creations Wig Design founders Gieselle Blair and Veronica Balch will get you looking just the way you want, with custom hairpieces, eye brows, mustaches, side burns or wigs made from 100 percent real hair grown in the U.S. Blair has done wig design for opera companies and at South Coast Repertory; Balch is a licensed cosmetologist with 10 years of salon experience. The two combine their expertise to guide you through the process of creating your ideal head of hair. The free consultations are by appointment only for clients’ comfort, and they will even take care of you via Skype or FaceTime. Balch is available with salon services to keep your wig looking up-to-date. And if your need is medically based, they have all the info on obtaining insurance coverage to help cover the cost. No matter what reason brings you to Compassionate Creations, think of it as an opportunity for a dashing or glamorous makeover. Blair and Balch have your back—and head.


Client Testimonials  


dani 2

“Let’s talk wigs…

Some people like them and some people don’t! If you are on the fence about them (or know you want one, just not which one) I am going to push you to the wig-side. Not many will say that, let alone shout it out to the world! But it’s not just any old wig because I have tried many types and they do not compare to my love affair with the custom designed beauty from Compassionate Creations that I just received!

Let me tell you what this wig is NOT: Heavy, Bulky, Itchy, Plasticy, Too Tight, Too Loose, Unflattering, Out of Date, or worse yet…Looks like a wig.

Now beside me saying every opposite from the list above, I will tell you this. I am going through Chemotherapy IN THE SUMMER! It’s hot and not having hair to worry about is awesome! But honestly, I. LOVE. HAIR! I have always enjoyed styling hair and playing around with it. So even though a bald head is a great coolant on hot days, I still wanted the option of running my hands through my hair, styling it for events or just as a comfort on those hard emotional days (that’s a big reason). The Penguin Cap (a chemotherapy tool to help keep your hair) wasn’t an option for me, so I did my research and searched through a small handful of websites because no one even knew it could be done and there are not many companies out there. And what is really funny about that statement, “no one even thought it could be done, making a wig from your own hair”, is that everyone knows about Locks of Love but most people don’t think about what that actually means… Donated hair into a human hair wig! Why not use your own hair, it’s a perfect match to what’s been there all along!?

In the beginning of my search I was of course, looking for some place local but no luck there. Then I found a website that was informative, it flowed and was readable; nothing is more of a turn off than a website you have to battle through to get the information you need (not this site).

I used the contact page and got a response almost immediately, we even ended up texting and discussed what I was looking for. Pictures and measurements were sent, if I needed more help Skype (or FaceTime) was an option at anytime. These girls take their job very seriously and walk you through every step of the way.

Once I had my Bon voyage party for my lovely locks the time table began. A 6-8 week timeline seems long to be bald, I know, but the wait is so worth the while and then some.

The custom created wigs from Compassionate Creations Wig Design have been perfected in such a way you don’t understand until you get to wear it. The seams are perfectly hidden, the fabrics used are super light weight and soft. There is room made in consideration for Chemo patients and the like, for when their hair grows back. The banding around the bottom half of the scalp falls at just the right spot which is especially noticeable for people who wear glasses, another inconvenience when wearing other wigs. My wig can be washed, styled, cut, and can even be danced in! You can move and groove with this baby on and it moves naturally like what your hair used to do and you don’t feel like it’s going to go flying off.

I’ve gotten great compliments from many people both who know I have a wig, out of amazement for it’s perfection, and from those who are just complimenting my hair and it’s cute little bob. But the greatest compliment to this wig has to have been from my husband; while in the same room with me, as I was getting ready for the night one minute he looked at me, I had the wig on and the next it was off. My husband gasped “I just forget that it’s a wig!” It’s a wonderful testimony to the quality because I have been walking around bald for 8 weeks, he was the one to cut my hair before sending it off, and we (my husband, three boys and I) are all plenty use to the baldness and various headdresses.

Between barley being able to tell I have a wig on and being able to look in the mirror to see my own hair, I forget about all the harder stuff I am or will endure as someone diagnosed with Cancer and going through Chemotherapy. It makes you feel like you’ve gone back to a bit of “normalcy” as life gets shaken up a bit!

So please if you are in need of a wig, still have your hair, have a willing donor (aka a friend willing to cut their locks), or would like the comfort of a custom wig with the hair available in their stock, give Veronica and Gieselle a shout. They would love to talk with you in detail about all of your options.”

-Danielle C. of York, PA


Abbe single 8x8“Upon receiving a very unexpected cancer diagnosis and being told I would need to undergo chemotherapy, I wondered if there were any options for making a wig with my own hair. Searching for this possibility led me to Compassionate Creations and I could not be more grateful. Knowing my own hair would be coming back to me somehow made the experience of cutting and then losing my hair far less traumatic than I think it would have been otherwise. Also, the care from Gieselle was incredible. Although I live across the country from Compassionate Creations I felt very connected to the entire process because Gieselle stayed in consistent communication with me and kept me updated on the progress. Once I received my wig, I was amazed at how much I look like me in it. I’ve had so many people tell me they would never know it was a wig without being told. The result is really beautiful and helps me to feel like me. Just as important, in this cancer treatment process where so many things are difficult and unknown it was such a relief that Compassionate Creations was so easy and supportive to work with. I would recommend Compassionate Creations to anyone for their expertise, skill and professionalism.”

-Abbe F. of Antioch, TN


photo (2)

“I spoke with representatives from several different companies before choosing Compassionate Creations. While others may have been physically closer or more in line with my budget, what ultimately swayed my decision was the customer service they provided. Working with Compassionate Creations to create a custom wig for my mother after her breast cancer diagnosis was such a positive experience; Veronica made herself available for every little concern and question I had and was very clear and helpful. They were very thorough in making sure I had all the information I needed and that all my concerns were addressed in a timely manner. When the wig arrived, it was more beautiful than we could have hoped for! It looked real and flawless in every way; it was worth every penny, phone call, and late night text message. You are not only purchasing a high quality wig when you choose Compassionate Creations, you are getting incredible service and peace of mind for you and your family during a difficult time. I cannot recommend it enough; if you are on the fence, talk to one of the owners and they will certainly change your mind. They are truly just what they advertise: compassionate.”

-Melissa C. of Arlington, VA


photo“I love that wearing my own hair is an option. Gieselle made my hair look like my own and I’m so grateful for their fine service.”




-Leslie M. of Sacramento, CA


Janelle2 8x8“A cancer diagnosis is a shocking thing to hear and losing your hair from the treatment really hammers the diagnosis home. I was fortunate to have a very thick, full head of hair at the time of diagnosis and wanted to have a hair piece made using my own hair to maintain my “normal” appearance. I found Compassionate Creations online and put my hair into their hands! I met with Veronica on Skype for a consultation and worked with Gieselle during the construction of the wig. The final product is gorgeous with exceptional attention to detail to ensure it looks natural on my head. My hair was supplemented with hair I purchased through Compassionate Creations and it was an almost exact color match. You’d never know it was two different sets of hair. The timeliness of the process was also great! I received my wig on time, per the contract, and the care instructions are very straight forward. While losing your hair is a very devastating thing, Compassionate Creations can provide you with the support and products to make this difficult time easier to cope with all while looking fabulous!”

-Janelle S. of Phoenix, AZ


judy 8x8“I visited Compassionate Creations with my sister in law who needed a wig due to thinning hair. When I walked in to the shop I instantly felt comfortable. Meeting Veronica and Gieselle was quiet the experience. They were both very professional and personable. As I sat watching my sister in law get fitted for a wig, I was highly impressed with their knowledge and the care they took to make her feel comfortable. On a scale of 1 to 10, I vote a 10+… Thank you!”


-Lorranie M. of San Pedro, CA



ToppER 8x8“I am absolutely thrilled with my “topper.”  Gieselle is uber skilled and a true artist. You can definitely see that she has had an accomplished history in wig making and she finished my topper in record time and at a very reasonable price. I LOVE it-thanks Gieselle!!! And what is even better about Compassionate Creations, is the fact that Gieselle and Veronica truly come from a compassionate place and have set forth the explicit intention that they want to be in service to humanity.  They put their hearts into the practice of making wigs and it is truly inspiring to witness these lovely young women as they leave their pulse for good on this planet. I hope that all of your goodness is returned to you a hundredfold.”

-JP of Huntington Beach, CA



photo (1)“As a hula dancer, loosing hair from chemotherapy was the most devastating side effect of cancer treatment. When I get over the initial shock and the reality sank in, I started to look into getting a wig made with my own hair and I came cross Compassionate Creations. After speaking to Veronica and having all my questions answered, I decided to have my wig made by Compassionate Creations.  Veronica was so kind and knowledgeable. She made me very comfortable with this rather personal and difficult process and I felt I could trust her with my hair. I knew that I made the right decision when I put my wig on. The wig fit very comfortably and it looked as though I never lost my hair. Veronica is also a very good hair stylist and went the extra mile to frame the wig to my face.  She truly demonstrated care and compassion!”

-Kiyono H. of Long Beach, CA



IMG_6502“This is my beautiful mom Debby with her new hair! I truly can’t thank ya’ll enough for helping my mom feel like herself again. She’s finally comfortable going out in public and doesn’t feel like people are staring at her. She’s so happy with her real hair wig because it doesn’t itch like her old synthetic wig did or give her headaches. Thanks a million times over for making my mom feel like her beautiful self again!”


-Stephanie R. of Kershaw, SC



image“I just wanted to tell you personally, thank you. Thanks for what you do and for being so helpful. Erika and I opened her package today and she couldn’t stop giggling. The wig looks so great. I’m so grateful to you both. You have been precious! I already have people asking me who I had help us and where they can also donate their hair and I am so happy to tell them Compassionate Creations. This has been such an exciting journey and I’m so grateful. You both have been such a blessing and I love what you do. Thank you!”


-Kaisha S. of Mustang, OK


“I have had the pleasure of working with both Gieselle and Veronica! I met Veronica when I purchased my first wig 3 years ago and ever since then she has always been my go-to-person for wig advice and hair care. She is extremely kinda and very attentive to the details whether it was regarding how to style hair, finding the right wig, or matching color. She always make an effort to fulfill my needs while offering her professional professional opinion and knowledge. More than anything, I appreciate the compassion, honesty, and integrity Veronica consistently shares with me which only highlights her dedication to helping women like myself make the right choices and feel good about them! I met Gieselle earlier this year and she has helped me immensely in learning how to care for my wig. She is extremely knowledgeable about wigs, the best way to style and integrate my own hair, and was very kind in sharing her expertise with me. She offered me her professional opinion with kindness and honesty while listening to my needs as well. She also gave me great tips about where to find hair care tools that were inexpensive and easy to find. These ladies have my best interest at heart when it comes to choosing the right wig and learning how to care for it. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, compassionate team!”

-Sandra E. of Long Beach, CA


“Gieselle and Veronica are the two sweetest young women. I almost canceled my appointment I was so distraught and overwhelmed by my sudden and unexpected hair loss. Veronica’s empathy and sincerity gave me the confidence I needed to keep the appointment. Gieselle’s knowledge and expertise as a wig maker helped me to make the right wig choice for my head and facial features. Unless I tell them, people don’t know I am wearing a wig and they are always surprised. My wig is so natural I can go out in public with confidence.”

-Judy J. of Newport Beach, CA


I’ll never forget Veronica’s kindness when we were looking for a wig for my cousin. During a very stressful time, not only was she incredibly kind, but she was prompt and even came to the hospital to cut my cousin’s hair in preparation for chemo. The wig was and is perfect. I recommend this kind and honest company 100%!

-Clara H. of Irvine CA


“I have known Veronica Balch for years. When I really utilized her as ‘hairdresser extraordinaire’ was for my wedding. I NEEDED to look fabulous; it was my wedding after all. I don’t know the first thing about what I wanted but she did. I have dry, porous hair with a natural reddish tint that doesn’t take well to most hair dye. So instead of the sultry honey-brown, my hair usually comes out a weird, patchy mousy red. She listened and planned the color accordingly. Normally at salons, that is not the case: really listening. At all of the salons I have been to, the hairstylists do whatever they want instead of listening. With Veronica, for the first time in my hair life, the color turned out perfect and I absolutely loved it! After that, I wanted highlights in my hair for the summer and she achieved exactly what I was looking for. My hair looked amazing in photos but more importantly I felt confident. Now, I only go to Veronica. She will always be my go to stylist.”

-Nicole S. of Newport Beach, CA


“Gieselle is one of the most creative people that I have had the privilege of working with in my time as a wig maker. Her consistent attention to detail ensures that her pieces are high quality, durable and realistic. Gieselle is an excellent manager who is able to balance the needs of her clients with the practical realities of her profession. When presented with new challenges, she is both inventive in her thinking and resourceful with her means. I was fortunate to spend four years working directly with Gieselle. Her level-headed attitude keeps her work timely, and her sense of fun allows her to take the risks necessary to make great pieces.”

-Jehann Gilman, Wig Master at the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville