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Hair donations from friends of Compassionate Creations

         Hair donations from friends of Compassionate Creations

Cancer Treatment and Hair Loss

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation may cause you to lose all or some of your hair. According to the American Cancer Society, hair fall begins 1-3 weeks after your first round of treatment and significantly worsens after 1-2 months. Your hair could fall out quickly in clumps or gradually over time. You will most likely notice accumulations of loose hair on your pillow, in your hairbrush, or in the shower.


Fortunately, your hair will most likely grow back. Hair usually returns  6-8 weeks after you’ve completed treatment. Although, it is very common for your hair to return a different color and/ or texture than it was before treatment. You may find your hair to be more curly or even gray in color. This is because the cells that control pigment have not regenerated yet. It can take upwards of a year to see your original hair return.


If you’re interested in using your own hair to make a custom wig, we suggest cutting your hair prior to treatment. We also urge our clients undergoing cancer treatment to cut their hair all way to the scalp. Starting your pony tails at the scalp is the best way to ensure that you’re saving as much of the hair and the length as possible. This method also helps avoid the trauma of witnessing significant hair loss later on down the road. Please reference our How To page to learn more about hair donation requirements.


You can also visit our Wig With Your Own Hair page to learn more about the process of making a wig from your own hair.

How Compassionate Creations Can Help

A great way to battle the appearance related side affects of cancer treatment is to wear a wig while you wait for your original hair to return. Compassionate Creations specializes in making wigs to wear during cancer treatment. We can design a wig for you no matter what stage of the healing process you’re currently in. All of our custom wigs are designed and hand-crafted to meet your exact specifications. We will assist you through out the entire process of having a custom wig made everything from taking your head measurements to proper wig maintenance.  We strive to offer our clients personalized attention and support.


We offer free online consultations through Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout. You can reach us by telephone number (562) 346-8621 or email us at compassionatecreations@gmail.com. If you would like to read full client testimonials about the process of making a wig with donated hair, please visit our Testimonial page.


“The wig looks flawless in every way; it was worth every penny.”

 Wigs Made with Inventory Hair


If using your own hair to make a wig is no longer an option, we can design a wig for you using inventory hair. With our skills and expertise, we’re confident we can build you the wig of your dreams! We hand craft each custom wig to fit your exact specifications and head measurements. In order to ensure a life like appearance, we hand tie each and every single strand of hair into every wig we produce. We also utilize materials like lace, mono-filament, polyurethane, and silicone into our designs to ensure our wigs are sturdy and durable.


All of our inventory hair is purchased here in the United States to ensure the highest quality possible. We only purchase hair that is healthy and guaranteed to be 100% virgin. Wigs tied with virgin hair have the most generous life span of any wig on the market. A virgin hair wig can last upwards of 5 years depending on maintenance and basic wear and tear. You can find lots of helpful material on our How To page as well as our FAQ page that teach you how to properly maintain a human hair wig.


We buy hair from various ethnic backgrounds as well as multiple colors, textures, and lengths. Having a vast inventory of hair on hand allows us to perfectly match a new wig to your current hair donation or to replicate the hair you had prior to hair loss. Virgin hair also enables us to create natural looking wigs that are light weight and comfortable to wear.


If you’re interested in seeing more custom wig designs, please visit our Gallery page. We also keep an inventory of customs wigs for sale on our Wig page.


“I’m so grateful for the fine service I received at Compassionate Creations.”

Wigs Made with Processed Hair 


A more budget friendly approach to wig making is to build a custom wig using processed hair. We offer high quality processed human hair as an alternative option to using inventory hair. Processed hair is cheaper than virgin hair because the hair has been chemically altered in order to achieve a certain color and texture. This chemical processing does affect the lifespan of the wig making it typically last 1-2 years.  Most of the human hair wigs and hair extensions sold in the United States are made with processed hair because it’s the most readily available hair on the market.


One of the plus sides of making a wig with processed hair, is the quick turn around time. Processed hair wigs only need a build period of 4-6 weeks compared to the 6-8 weeks virgin hair wigs needs. Processed hair wigs are also a great option if hair length is important to you. It’s very common place for our clients to receive hair donations from friends and family that are much shorter than the desired length they would like their finished wig to be. You can expect to lose 2-3 inches of length during the construction process so a short hair donation becomes extremely short once it’s hand tied into a wig.


In order to preserve the life span of your wig, we suggest alternating between two wigs that way all of the wear and tear isn’t placed on a single wig alone. You can use a processed hair wig for rougher activities like gardening or working out and reserve your more expensive wig for close encounter situations like going to the office or date nights.


We are currently offering a promotional discount for clients that purchase two wigs at once. Contact us to learn more!


Insurance Coverage 

Depending on your coverage, you may be eligible to have your wig reimbursed by your insurance provider. A custom wig is considered a cranial prosthesis which would fall under the “durable medical equipment” category. Cranial prostheses (or custom wigs) are different from a department store wigs in quality, performance, and service. These prostheses are intended for people with severe hair loss and are comprised of specialized materials.


Contact your provider to find out what your coverage is concerning durable medical equipment and the process you must take to submit a claim for a cranial prosthesis. We recommended you get a prescription from your doctor for a cranial prosthesis and submit that prescription along with your claim. Explain to your doctor that you need the prescription to be written out for a “cranial prosthesis” and not a “wig” for insurance purposes.


The common codes used when a patient requests insurance reimbursement/billing for a cranial prosthesis is:

  • A9282 “Wig, Any Type, each”
  • D5924 “Cranial Prosthesis”‎
  • S8095 “Cranial Prostheis”


If you are denied coverage, you can always appeal. We suggest you enclose a letter to your insurance company stating the necessity for a cranial prosthesis as well as pictures of you without your hair. Write them a letter that details the emotional side effects of this condition and how it has impacted your daily life.