Here’s an informative photo essay that outlines each step you should take when you decide you would like to make a custom wig from your own hair.


Make a wig from your own hair

Example of a good hair donation match

Step One: Send Us Photos 

Email photos of everyone’s hair you plan to use for this project. It’s important that we see what everyone’s hair looks like so we can determine if the hair will be a good match or not. You can ask friends and family to add to your hair donation as long as it’s similar in color, length and texture. We need at minimum 8 oz of hair in order to make a full custom wig. We also keep in an inventory of supplemental hair on hand in case your hair donation doesn’t meet our weight requirement.








How to pony tail your hair before a head shave

Step Two: Hair Cut and Head Shave   

If you plan on making a wig from your own hair, we suggest cutting your hair all the way from the root. We advise pony tailing your entire head into one inch sections and then cutting your hair. That way we can ensure we’re getting the maximum amount of hair and length as possible. You can watch a video demonstration on how to prep and cut your hair here. We also made a video that demonstrates how your friends should cut their hair if they plan to donate towards your wig. You can watch that video here.








Head measurements

Head measurements

Step Three: Take Your Head Measurements 

Each custom wig is built to fit your specific head measurements in order to ensure a good fit. You can watch our video demonstration on how to take your head measurements here. If you’re having any difficulty taking your measurements just let us know and we’ll schedule a time to help you over an online video consultation.









How to mail in your hair donation

How to mail in your hair

Step Four: Mail in Your Hair

Mare sure all the rubber bands are securely fastened around the pony tails before you mail your hair to us. Place the pony tails in a large ziploc bag. You can use as many bags as you see fit. Place the bagged pony tails in a box or large envelope. Try to make sure the hair stays elongated when you pack it. That way we can avoid any tangling during shipment.






Weighing hair after brush out

Weighing hair after brush out

Step Five: We Then Weigh and Inspect Your Hair

When we receive your package we will begin the process of brushing out your hair. This process will effect the total weight of your donation because once all the unusable hair is separated out its common to lose 1-2 oz of hair. That’s why we require at minimum 8 oz or 2-3 heads of hair to make a wig. This donation started out at 4.2 oz and ended up being 3.5 oz after her brush out. You can watch a video demonstration on why and how we brush out your hair here.







Supplemental hair for custom wigs

Supplemental hair for custom wigs

Step Six: Picking Out Supplemental Hair Options

We keep a stock of various inventory hair on hand in case your hair donation doesn’t meet our weight requirement. We also have hair that was donated to our company that we can give away free of charge as long as the hair is a good match. We will send you all the information including photos of the supplemental pony tails we matched to your hair. You will make the ultimate decision on whether or not we will use them in your wig. We can always shop around for a better hair match if you’re not completely satisfied.




Before and after

Before and after

Step Seven: We Design Your Wig and Begin Construction 

We control every specification when we design your custom wig. If you prefer to have your personal hair placed toward the front part of the wig, we can do that for you. We can evenly intermix all of your hair donations or we can specify each pony tail’s location on the wig. You can choose to have your wig be constructed here in the states or you can choose the less expensive option of overseas manufacturing.


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