Custom hairpieceCompassionate Creations specializes in making custom toppers to mask thinning hair. If you suffer from the appearance related side effects of hair loss, we promise we’re here to help.

One of the main factors in determining the price of a hairpiece, is the quality of hair you prefer to use. We can make custom toppers using hair from our personal inventory or you can opt to make a piece with processed hair.

All of our inventory hair was purchased here in the United States to ensure the highest quality possible. We prefer to buy virgin hair because it’s extremely healthy and also has a generous life span. A topper tied with virgin hair can last upwards of 5 years depending on maintenance and basic wear and tear. We buy hair from various ethnic backgrounds as well as various colors, textures, and lengths in order to perfectly match the hairpiece to your existing hair.

Human hair topper

color matching our client’s blond hair

A more budget friendly approach to creating hairpieces is to use processed hair instead of virgin hair. This hair is less expensive than virgin hair because the hair is chemically altered in order to achieve a desired color and/or texture. Because of the chemical processing, this hair will have a shorter lifespan compared to virgin hair. These pieces can last 1-2 years depending on maintenance and basic wear and tear.

We recently designed a topper for a client who suffers hair loss from Alopecia.  Together, we designed a gorgeous hairpiece that she can wear for years to come.

To begin the process, we took the client’s head measurements in order to ensure the topper would be the perfect fit and would cover all of her problem areas. We then choose blond pony tails from our inventory to be incorporated into her piece based on weight, color, and texture. Next, we weighed the hair to make sure we had at least 6 oz. photo 1

We then discussed hair placement together and overall density so we could closely match the new topper to her natural hair. When designing a hairpiece, it’s important to use hair that is similar to your own in color, length, and texture. That way the new hairpiece can seamlessly blend in with your existing hair.

The hairpiece below was completely hand tied strand by strand with blond hair onto a lace base. The result is an incredibly realistic, life-like hairpiece that is lightweight and easy to wear.

Are you interested in learning more about our custom toppers? Feel free to contact us at (562) 346-8621 or email us at We can also ​​​​arrange to do a free online consultation together through Skype or Google Hang Out if you prefer to speak with us in person.

Custom topper

Custom lace topper tied with blond hair





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