Wig made with my own hair

How to prep your hair for a head shave

If you are interested in learning more about the process of making a wig from your own hair, you have come to the right place! Compassionate Creations specializes in making wigs from your own hair. Many cancer patients choose to have a custom wig made to help battle the appearance related side affects of medical treatment. Compassionate Creations strives to make the process of ordering a custom wig made from your own hair as simple and easy as possible.

First, you need to cut your hair. We suggest cutting your hair all the way to the scalp (only if your comfortable) in order to save all of your hair’s length. When you hand tie hair into a wig you lose around 2″-3″ of length. That’s why its important to conserve as much of your length as possible. Pony tail your entire head into 1″ sections and secure them tightly with a small rubber band. Be sure to cut the hair right above the rubber band to keep your hair secure.

weight of hair

Hair donation totaling 10.1 oz

Next, you need to weigh your hair to see if you have enough to make a wig. We require at minimum 7 ounces of hair in order to make a custom wig. If you do not meet this requirement, you can always find other people like friends or family members to add to your donation as long as the hair you collect is similar to your own in length, texture and color. If you can not find more people to add to your donation, it’s okay! You can always purchase hair from our inventory. We personally color match your hair and texture to ensure the perfect match.

head measurements

Head measurements for a custom wig

The next step is to get your head measurements. You can find a video showing step by step instructions on our How To page. We can also schedule a Skype consultation together and a team member from Compassionate Creations will assist you through the process of taking your head measurements.

Before you mail out your hair donation, be sure each rubber band is secured tightly around each cut pony tail. Place the pony tails in a large Ziploc bag and seal it shut. Keep the hair flat and elongated when you mail it to avoid tangling during shipment.

Once we receive your hair, we will thoroughly inspect and weigh it to ensure you meet the 8 oz weight requirement. If you don’t meet our requirement, we then begin the process of choosing supplemental hair to add to your donation.

Make a wig from your own hair

We require 6-8 weeks to construct each custom wig. You can choose to have your wig made domestically with a local wig maker for $2,200 or you can choose the less expensive option of having your wig made through our manufacturer for $1,200. We have full confidence in our wig makers and have personally selected based upon their quality of work and years of experience.

Contact us by email or phone at (562) 346-8621 with any questions or concerns you may have about the process of making a wig from your own hair at Compassionate Creations.

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