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Compassionate Creations specializes in designing custom wigs for anyone experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment, alopecia, trichotillomania or female pattern balding. We want to help you get a beautiful wig no matter where you are on your road to recovery. We are well accustomed in assisting clients all over the world so there's no need to visit us in person. Let us help you feel like yourself again and give you back a piece of your identity with a custom built wig.

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Client Testimonials

"I'm in love with my wig from Compassionate Creations. Thanks so much for all your warmth and help with making me feel as fabulous as I can." Read more of our client testimonials and press material for Compassionate Creations here.

Make a Wig From Your Own Hair

We understand how hard the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment can be. That’s why we specialize in making custom wigs for women out of their own hair. Read more about making a wig from your own hair here.